After repeated gentle nudging by my good friend Brent Woodruff, I've decided to write a little guide detailing my personal coffee preparation and consumption tips. My hope is that the tips in this guide are useful to other coffee fans who might be looking to improve on their daily cup or just try something new.

When you read this guide, keep in mind that I do not make any claims or endorsements for particular items or methods. This is simply a journal of my personal experiences, opinions, and preferences for making a high quality cup of coffee.

Note also that this guide is a living work that will receive incremental enhancements and new content in an ongoing basis. The latest version will always be at

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If it helps you at some point, then I encourage you to buy or make me some coffee should the opportunity ever present itself.

The only time I would likely turn down such an offer is when I am asleep.

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