Raw Materials

Life is too short for crappy coffee.

The coffee beans and water that you use to create great cups of coffee must be the highest quality that you can possibly obtain.

You should strive to get coffee beans from a trusted source that offers the best available single origin beans. Ideally, those beans could be organic, and also sustainably harvested and traded under the values established by the Fair Trade USA organization whenever possible.

If you want the taste of your coffee to represent one pure strain or variety, make sure that the beans you use are all sourced from one location or grower. A lot of off-the-shelf beans sold by chain coffee stores and supermarkets consist of mixed beans from multiple sources.

When in doubt, ask.

Roasted Coffee Beans

There are numerous sources of mediocre and downright awful roasted coffee beans, but we don't want to use those beans if we can avoid doing so. Some of the better roasters ship their beans around the globe. Here are some recommendations in alphabetical order:

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee has a fantastic selection of roasts in their online store as well.
  2. Counter Culture Coffee
  3. Ritual Roasters Join their coffee club for regularly shipped single origin varieties of expertly roasted beans.

What do you do?

Right now I'm using both locally roasted beens, and satisfied with beans from Ritual Roasters Coffee Club as well.

Green Coffee Beans

If you'd like to try roasting your own beans, there are also nice sources of green coffee beans out there:

  1. DIY Coffee Roasting home of Mr. Green Beans, a Portland Oregon based specialty coffee retailer.
  2. Sweet Maria's

Eventually updates to this guide will include a section on roasting your own beans after I've had a chance to get my own gear and run through some of the do-it-yourself roasting processes.


The other half of a magic cup of coffee is good clean water. Make sure that you're using the purest water you can within reason and that it doesn't come from any type of vessel that can impart additional flavors.

You can't go wrong with good clean glass.

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